Why there is such a thing as a free lunch

Why there is such a thing as a free lunch

A planeImagine if you could gain free access to the first-class lounge of an airport for an entire year. Well, meet the man who did more than dream…

Flight of fancy

Airline food doesn’t have the best reputation for quality, unless, that is, you’re talking about an airline’s first-class lounge.

These luxurious lounges (open to first and business class passengers) are built to make air travel a real pleasure — for those who can afford it. They offer plush, spacious seating, swanky bars and, of course, fine dining. Some even boast their own spa treatment.

As you might have guessed, all this doesn’t come cheap — a first or business-class ticket from London to New York can easily cost up to £2,000.

But what if there were a way to enjoy all the benefits of a lounge, including the delicious food, without the price tag?

Well, that’s exactly what one enterprising man managed to do.

A free (first-class) lunch

Various news outlets recently reported about a man from China, who’d found a legal way to eat a free lunch at the first-class lounge of Xi’an airport every day, for a whole year.

His strategy was simple. He bought a first-class ticket to gain entry, enjoyed a great meal and all the extras. Then he rescheduled his flight for the next day and went for another free lunch. And the next, so on for a year. He never actually took his flight, just made the most of what the ticket offered.

When the airline finally caught on, he simply cancelled his ticket for a full refund.

Great food needn’t cost the earth

While we’re not advocating people go out of their way to find loopholes and get a free meal, we do feel that this one man’s experience does highlight an interesting point… that eating first-class food doesn’t have to mean first-class prices.

That is, after all, what we offer. We constantly focus on driving down costs, while consistently delivering fantastic food.

So head over to our ‘What we do’ page to discover the secret to keeping your people flying high at work by bringing great food to your workplace.