Time to hit refresh

Time to hit refresh

sliced lemonsNinety per cent of your team want to see this in the workplace… Are you offering it? Read on to find out.

What matters to your workers?

There are plenty of organisations that don’t ask themselves this question. It’s fairly simple: what would improve the day for the people who work here?

But don’t be fooled by how simple it sounds, because it’s actually really important. Not least because happy workers are a whopping 12 per cent more productive than the average worker (The Stoddart Review).

Small changes make a big difference

The great thing is, boosting the happiness and wellbeing of your team isn’t difficult. Even little things can make a huge difference to how people feel! And that helps everyone to work better as a team, keep calm in the face of difficult tasks and just generally get more done.

A significant 68 per cent of workers, for example, believe that high-quality coffee makes the office better — especially in the morning, we’re guessing! And a massive 9 out of 10 say that even simple refreshment facilities are something they’d value at work…

Help your workers be happy

So it’s pretty clear that just a little effort can make a big difference to how your team feels. And if the boss needs any more convincing — it will also have a serious impact on the bottom line.

That’s where we come in with our fab micromarkets. Those non-morning people who need a coffee? Sorted. Needing a snack to carry you through from 3pm to home time? No problem. Meeting run over lunch and everyone’s losing focus? We’ve got you covered there, too!

With a great range of hot and cold meal options, plenty of snacks and of course, the all-important coffee — 24 is a small change that can make a big difference to your team.

Take a look at our website to find out more about the micromarket that can make a massive difference.