Three reasons why your workplace needs to take a break

Three reasons why your workplace needs to take a break

A cup of coffee, alongside a pile of books.Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. Here’s why short breaks are the key to productivity.

Preventing peak productivity

Ever wanted to just get away from your desk and be anywhere else? Maybe out in the sun, sat in a coffee shop or simply catching 40 winks with a quick siesta.

Everyone’s had days like that. But chances are you stayed sat where you were — stuck in the middle of a busy day, with an overflowing in-tray.

Sadly, many people find it hard to justify stepping away from their work, even for a few minutes. Only a quarter of workers manage to take a full break for lunch each day. And half of them end up eating at their desks.

But, you know what? Your people would actually be way more productive if they took more breaks each day.

Why your people need more breaks

Breaks — even short ones — have a massive positive effect on productivity in the workplace. Here are three reasons why non-stop working is a seriously bad idea:

  1. Our brains only work in short cycles

People tend to be able to concentrate fully for a period of only 90 minutes. After that, they need a quick break to reset the clock (and that doesn’t include time catching up on emails).

  1. Overtime can be worse than a hangover

Remember how unproductive everyone feels at work the day after the office Christmas party? Well, working long hours can actually be worse — causing people to be even less productive than usual.

  1. Elite performers take regular breaks

Even those at the top of their game — from musicians to athletes — only practice in 90-minute blocks. They take regular breaks to make sure they get the most out of every training session.


Changing the workplace culture

To get the most from your people, you have to change the culture at your workplace. Rather than keeping their noses to the grindstone, you have to encourage workers to take regular breaks.

And an effective way to do this is to give them a reason to refresh themselves — a place they can go to grab a drink, a snack and a quick chat with colleagues.

A 24 micromarket provides all of this, and more — giving your people a hub of break-time activity that keeps them refreshed and productive. If only it had sleep pods to take a nap in as well…

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