The UK’s most specific restaurants

The UK’s most specific restaurants

The UK's most specific restaurants

There’s been a glut of oddly specific restaurants opening up over the past few years. So we’ve taken a look at the most outlandish.

Oh, I’ll have the…

In your imagination, a restaurant is a place where you can — within reason — order pretty much anything. You sit down at a table covered with a crisp white cloth and a waiter materialises, notepad in hand, ready to take your wishes to the chef…

Well, it seems those days are long gone, and we’re seeing the rise of another form of restaurant — one that focuses on a single type of food. After an exhaustive (and tasty) survey, we’re ready to reveal our three favourites.

Cereal love

For all you breakfast lovers out there, the Cereal Killer Café on London’s Brick Lane sells over 100 types of cereal from 7am until 10pm. It’s the ideal place to explore beyond your regular puffed rice or wheat parcels. With rare cereals to try, such as the Oreo-Os which — up until now — were only available in South Korea, as well as 30 different kinds of milk. An exotic sugar rush awaits.

Say cheeeeese… (toastie)

If your idea of heaven is thick, gooey cheese oozing out of two perfectly-crisp slices of bread, then the Melt Room, a new restaurant in Soho, is for you. Serving up cheese toasties in many varieties for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s paradise for a cheese enthusiast. Some of the elaborate fillings on offer include a slow and low lamb shoulder with melted Swiss cheese, and rare roast beef with Red Leicester. And, to top it all off, there’ll be cheesy music to match the food.

Avocado allure

If you have a passion for avocados, then go along to a pop-up restaurant in Clerkenwell that’s devoted to the much-loved fruit. There you’ll get a five-course meal plus a cocktail — all featuring avocado. From your first sip of an avocado margarita, to your last bite of an avocado macaron, it’s avocado all the way. And you even get to take home a goodie bag containing a grow-your-own-avocado kit.

How will you vote?

So, even if your favourite food is Brussels sprouts, it looks like there’ll soon be a restaurant to suit.

However, at 24 we say “no” to a dull focus on just one thing, and a big “nah, you’re alright” to the same food over and over again. We vote for variety, balanced nutrition and a return to the idea that you just see (and buy) what you fancy when you get there.

Give us a shout to find out more about what we could put on the menu at your place.