Fuelling your workplace, 24/7

Fuelling your workplace, 24/7

Petrol pumpsJust like a car, our brains and bodies only work at their optimum with the right fuel. Here’s how to fill-up at work.

Fuelling up

As anyone who’s ever put diesel in a petrol car knows, you don’t travel far on the wrong fuel… It’s the same for people, too.

Because the human brain drives purely on glucose, it needs a steady supply throughout the day. That’s why so many of us suffer the dreaded 3pm slump — when we lose concentration and start searching for a (typically chocolate-based) sugar-rush. It’s also why meetings between 12pm and 2pm just seem so loooong if there aren’t any snacks on the table.

To make matters worse, choose the wrong food (that chocolate bar…) and it’ll make you more hungry! That’s because the body uses up foods like white bread, fizzy drinks and sweets so quickly — before causing (another!) slump.

It’s this minefield of foods that makes it so important to choose healthy options throughout the day in order to stay productive.

Finding healthy food, fast

Most of us don’t have time to prepare perfectly-balanced lunches and breakfasts to take to work. And that’s why 89 per cent of workers say that refreshment facilities are important to them.

With the chance to grab tasty, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks at work throughout the day, your team will have better concentration and focus, all day.

Plus, by providing a range of balanced food and drink options 24/7, everyone can refuel (with the right fuel) no matter when they feel their energy levels and mental alertness start to slide.

We’re on-it, 24/7

Here at 24, we’re on-it 24/7, making sure that your workers have access to healthy, tasty meals, snacks and drinks all day, and all night, long.

That means your team can be on-it all day, too — juggling their responsibilities and meeting deadlines as smoothly as if they were cruising along an empty road in a brand new Lamborghini…

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