Three simple ways to boost your productivity

Some companies take their teams on free holidays to boost office productivity. But you don’t need to book out a plane to get your team working effectively.

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Could you stomach these sandwiches?

Sandwiches are beloved in the UK. But every now and again, a supermarket releases a flavour that even the Earl of Sandwich himself would have sniffed at.

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Fair play to the birds

Turns out birds are smarter than we thought — and they’ve got a few things to teach us about fairness… and food.

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Dialling back to the past

The brick is back! That’s right, the famous Nokia 3310 is getting a remake. But what’s driving this backslide in technological progress?

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The tiny tech that can help you talk in any language

Imagine being able to travel the world and communicate with anyone, anywhere, no matter what language they speak. Well, that’s (nearly) a reality.

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Why you need to avoid awkward moments in your workplace

Sometimes, good deeds can lead to seriously awkward situations. So be warned, this story about a missing wedding album will make you cringe.

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Estonia’s highway to success

With an advanced economy and high standard of living, could technology that’s all about convenience be the secret of Estonia’s success?

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Never underestimate the power of a puppy

Most stag dos are about pranks and partying. But not this one — this one is about puppies. Yes, cute, adorable, puppies.

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Four of the strangest snacks on Earth

Grabbing a snack is a vital part of any working day — wherever you are in the world. But the difference in choice might surprise you more than you think.

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Peanut butter — a world of possibilities

Peanut butter is a staple in cupboards around the UK — but there’s more to this humble spread than you think…

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