Discover the three loneliest jobs in the world

You might think finding good food at your workplace is tough, but that’s nothing compared to working somewhere as remote and inhospitable as the South Pole… The power of food …

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How the Hyperloop will transform transport

Forget planes, trains and automobiles — the Hyperloop is the way forward for travel. It’s innovative and offers a great service. Here’s how it works. Trouble for transport Public transport’s …

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Three strange cinema snacks from around the world

In the UK, popcorn is by far the number one cinema snack. But what does everyone else in the world eat while kicking back in front of a film?

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Three reasons why your workplace needs to take a break

Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. Here’s why short breaks are the key to productivity.

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How cashless payments took over

As our new white paper shows, the UK is ditching cash payments in favour of convenience. Discover how we’re fast becoming part of a new, cashless society.  

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Got any spare change?

Carrying cash is so last century and cashless payment is taking over the world. Our new white paper tracks this phenomenon and explores what’s next.

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24: mission possible

24 set out to transform the foodservice sector using technology. Here’s our mission report on how micromarkets have proved a great success.

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How recycling takes the road less travelled

Modern technology does a host of weird and wonderful things, but here’s a canny new invention that’s really going places — the recycled road.

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How taxis matched technology with convenience

Find out how Uber and Lyft share many characteristics with the convenience of a workplace micromarket.

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Why smaller is better (when it comes to houses)

The Tiny House Movement is changing how we think about the space we live in. So, should we all be downsizing? Let’s explore the idea.

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