How to keep the engine of your business ticking over

How to keep the engine of your business ticking over

An engineFor motorists, it always pays to sweat the small stuff. Discover the small part of your car that keeps the whole thing running smoothly.

Avoiding a breakdown

Did you know that there are close to 190,000 breakdowns on the UK’s roads each year? That’s an awful lot of standing around by the side of the road, or on the hard shoulder, waiting for someone to come and fix your car.

And it’s amazing to think that many of these big automotive issues are caused by the smallest of objects. For example, one of the top ten reasons for breakdowns is a faulty alternator.

This small piece of machinery can fit in your hand, but it does an absolute tonne of work to keep your car running. Let’s put it this way — you’re not going far without it.

No alternative to the alternator

Why is the alternator such an important part of your car? Well, it turns your engine’s mechanical energy into electrical power, which:

  1. Powers the starter motor

Without that one small part, not even the ignition on your car will work. And that leaves you with nothing but an expensive paper weight on your driveway.

  1. Powers the headlights

You definitely don’t want to find yourself driving home in the dark with no headlights. Good job the starter motor is the first thing you’ll lose if your car can’t generate electricity.

  1. Charges the car battery

No battery power means the electrics in your car (including the headlights and starter motor) won’t work. And what’s the point of driving if you can’t pop the radio on and listen to some music while you travel?

Small technology makes a big difference

It’s fascinating how many small parts there are in a car that can cause major issues if they’re not working quite right. And it’s the same for your business. Small things have a big impact on your workforce.

Like the alternator in your car, food is an important part of generating energy in your business —keeping your people going through the day.

That’s why we created our micromarkets — giving everyone quick and easy access to the food and drink they love, whenever they want it. It’s small enough to fit into almost any space — you only need roughly three to eight metres of free wall space to fit one in, and it provides your people with the energy they need to work productively.

Get the technology that’ll keep your business in the fast lane — discover how you could fit a micromarket into your workplace.