Four of the strangest snacks on Earth

Four of the strangest snacks on Earth

A peeled orange. Grabbing a snack is a vital part of any working day — wherever you are in the world. But the difference in choice might surprise you more than you think.

Go on, snack me

A love of snacking is a growing, global phenomenon. The writing is on the wall for a diet based solely around three square meals (and really letting your hunger build in between). More and more, we’re taking short breaks between meals to grab a snack, keeping our energy levels topped up. And the scale of our grazing is breath-taking — we Brits spend more than a billion pounds a year on crisps alone…

The weirdest world snacks

But crisps aren’t an international favourite. What’s considered a treat in Tewkesbury certainly wouldn’t be a winner in Warsaw. Here’s our top pick of fascinating (and maybe a little weird) snacks from around the world.

1.Bird’s nest soup

They can’t get enough of this in China. Requiring a special kind of nest made from the saliva of a particular tropical bird, it’s believed to boost the immune system and smooth the skin.

2.Fried tarantulas

The Cambodian town of Skuon does a mean crispy spider snack. About the size of your palm, the tarantulas are lightly fried in sugar, salt and crushed garlic until fragrant.

3.Canned sandwiches

In the USA you can get the ultimate ready-when-you-are sandwich — all neatly tucked into a can. The ‘candwich’ caters for savoury cravings (with BBQ chicken flavour) as well as the need for a sweet nibble with a peanut butter and jelly version. And, because it’s canned, this snack will sit on your shelf, ready for you to eat, for years…

4.Candied crabs

Pop over to Japan, and the ultimate bar snack is a handful of tiny crabs, coated in a sticky, sugary glaze and cooked whole. The inherent saltiness of the crab and the sweetness of the sauce is, apparently, (er-hem)… clawsome.

Share snacks at your place

The good news is that you don’t need to go gallivanting around the world when you get a bit peckish. We’ve collected the best UK snacks for you and popped them in a handy, fits-in-pretty-much-anywhere format. From nuts, confectionery, yoghurt, fruit and — yes, crisps — we give your people the snacks they need to fuel their day. So go snack to the future, with nourishing nibbles to keep your workforce productive.

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