How food can make a world of difference at work

How food can make a world of difference at work

Beach holiday

Holidays are becoming ever-more adventurous, and so are our tastes. Here’s how bringing a world of food to the workplace can be as much of a boost as a holiday.  

Flights are taking off

Once upon a time, holidays meant always visiting the same caravan park on the coast, braving the disappointing British ‘summer’. Nowadays, though, we’re no longer content with a rainy week fighting over the Monopoly board and getting bored of the options at the local pub…

Today, affordable flights and a digital age that lets us plan and book holidays at the click of a button (okay, a little more than one click), means we’re taking more flights than ever before. And it’s millennials that are fuelling the trend, taking on average 4.2 trips abroad each year, compared to the 2.9 taken by the previous generation.

We’re travelling further and further afield, too — long-haul flights are up 350 per cent over the last ten years. So it’s goodbye Bournemouth, hello Bali! It’s not just more sunshine we’re getting, though — increasingly we’re sampling plenty of new flavours, too.

Around the world in 80 dishes

Yep, like our travel plans, our taste buds are getting more adventurous. And we’re a surprisingly hungry bunch — 70 per cent of millennials travel just to experience local foods. With options like Pad Thai to enjoy, who can blame them!?

And when people return from their jaunt, they typically search for the delicious flavours they tasted abroad, back home. That’s why sushi is now a standard lunchtime option — something relatively unheard of a decade ago.

Bringing the world to work

As we all know, happier workers are also more productive workers. Twelve per cent more productive, in fact! And one of the easiest ways to impress your team is through their stomachs by providing great food and drink.

That’s where our new Chop Chop Hot Pot range comes into play. It’s full of international flavour, with adventurous choices like the Chicken Katsu Noodles and Chilli Con Carne.

If you’re not feeling like going particularly far afield though, there are also homely options like the Full English and Mac N’ Cheese (okay, so it’s not really a UK option, but it’s comfortingly familiar nonetheless!).

Take a look at our website to find out more about the incredible international flavours we can bring to your lunchtime and make it a relaxing break that’s (almost) as good as a holiday.