Discover your dream office

Discover your dream office


We’ve all got ideas for what would make the perfect office. But someone’s gone further and found out what exactly us Brits look for in a workplace…

What women (and men) want

A new study on what Brits look for in the dream office has brought up some interesting titbits about our national psyche and attitude towards work. So, what are we, as a nation, really looking for? Let’s take a look at three of the most outrageous (and popular answers people gave):

  1. A great view from the roof. Unless you have godlike powers, you might have trouble giving your people this without moving offices altogether.
  2. A three-mile commute to work. We guess you could give that to all your people, but they’d all have to live in the same house.
  3. A large garden with picnic tables. If you don’t have a garden already then this could be tricky — maybe Astroturf under the desks will do?


An unattainable dream

Although we’d all love to have these things in our workplace, they’re unfortunately outside of most businesses’ power to provide.

Thankfully though, there are some answers which you can work on. On-site gyms, nap areas, pool tables and bowls of free fruit all featured in the top 35 things people wanted at work. And the less healthy wanted a trolley of cakes and drinks every Friday (which does sound tempting).

Filling-up is fundamental

Food is clearly a great way to keep your people motivated. And that’s where we can step in. A 24 offers a huge variety of heat-to-eat food, sandwiches, snacks and drinks — even Costa coffee. And your people can access it at any time of the day or night, keeping them energised and raring to go.