Dam fine work there

Beavers are back — and they’re working wonders for the environment. We explore why that is, and what it means for your workplace. Furry friends of the environment There’s a …

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How the Hyperloop will transform transport

Forget planes, trains and automobiles — the Hyperloop is the way forward for travel. It’s innovative and offers a great service. Here’s how it works. Trouble for transport Public transport’s …

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How cashless payments took over

As our new white paper shows, the UK is ditching cash payments in favour of convenience. Discover how we’re fast becoming part of a new, cashless society.  

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How recycling takes the road less travelled

Modern technology does a host of weird and wonderful things, but here’s a canny new invention that’s really going places — the recycled road.

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Dialling back to the past

The brick is back! That’s right, the famous Nokia 3310 is getting a remake. But what’s driving this backslide in technological progress?

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Tasty tech that’ll give your tongue a treat

Treats are called treats because they’re too unhealthy to eat all of the time. But, thanks to tech, that could be about to change…

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There’s now a computer that can read your mind

Scientists have made a stunning breakthrough with a way to convert brainwaves to text. But can they guess what you want for lunch?

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A pizza the (space) action

When you’re trapped in space for a year and bombarded with emergency situations… but all you want is something tasty to eat.

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A healthy mix of clothing and computers

Remember when we wore clothes simply to stay warm or look good? Well, that’s all about to change…

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Make or break: habits and technology

Technology can help us to break bad habits, and get into good ones. Habits are hard to break (and make) There are loads of different habits — from nail biting …

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