Coffee — the science of staving off sleep

We all know coffee is the solution if you’re feeling sleepy. But how does it actually keep you awake? Let’s take a look.

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How the Hyperloop will transform transport

Forget planes, trains and automobiles — the Hyperloop is the way forward for travel. It’s innovative and offers a great service. Here’s how it works. Trouble for transport Public transport’s …

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How cashless payments took over

As our new white paper shows, the UK is ditching cash payments in favour of convenience. Discover how we’re fast becoming part of a new, cashless society.  

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Got any spare change?

Carrying cash is so last century and cashless payment is taking over the world. Our new white paper tracks this phenomenon and explores what’s next.

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The tiny tech that can help you talk in any language

Imagine being able to travel the world and communicate with anyone, anywhere, no matter what language they speak. Well, that’s (nearly) a reality.

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Peanut butter — a world of possibilities

Peanut butter is a staple in cupboards around the UK — but there’s more to this humble spread than you think…

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There’s now a computer that can read your mind

Scientists have made a stunning breakthrough with a way to convert brainwaves to text. But can they guess what you want for lunch?

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The award for ‘Innovative Store of the Year’ goes to…

We often talk about how important innovation is to us, so we’re thrilled to be winners of the IGD ‘Innovative Store of the Year’ Award, 2016.

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The microchip and 24: good things come in small packages

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. The microchip’s a good example of how small inventions have transformed our world.

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Roads ruled by robots

We’ve been hearing about it for years, but driverless vehicles really are just around the corner… Knight Rider, eat your heart out Move along KITT, there’s a new intelligent car …

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