Good things come in small packages

How to keep the engine of your business ticking over

For motorists, it always pays to sweat the small stuff. Discover the small part of your car that keeps the whole thing running smoothly. Avoiding a breakdown Did you know …

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Peanut butter — a world of possibilities

Peanut butter is a staple in cupboards around the UK — but there’s more to this humble spread than you think…

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Meet the man who’s going to make 2017 our biggest year yet

We’re excited to head into 2017 with a new Business Director at the helm. So we sat down with Sachin Sharma to find out what he has in store for …

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Changing lives, one well at a time

Find out how our sales of Life Water have helped charity drop4drop build two drinking water wells for the people that really need them.

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The three greatest 3D printing projects so far

Machines that can create anything at the touch of a button pop up all the time in science fiction films. But here’s why they’re closer to reality than you might …

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The award for ‘Innovative Store of the Year’ goes to…

We often talk about how important innovation is to us, so we’re thrilled to be winners of the IGD ‘Innovative Store of the Year’ Award, 2016.

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How we deliver the foodservice of champions

Some dream of a shot at one Olympic medal. Others win everything they enter — and that’s what we’re hoping to do with the IGD, BIFM and Retail Systems Awards.

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Lunchtime is no picnic…or is it?

When you’ve got a picnic, the whole world’s your restaurant. In the park, chatting with friends and ducking Frisbees; on a rugged hillside, halting that hike for lunch; on the …

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The world’s biggest food market

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic variety of food and drink in a tiny space. But what’s at the other end of the scale?

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Becoming a gastronaut

If you think trying to put together a decent meal in a small office kitchen is tough, imagine what it’s like out in orbit…

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