Easy peasy

Never underestimate the power of a puppy

Most stag dos are about pranks and partying. But not this one — this one is about puppies. Yes, cute, adorable, puppies.

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Lunchtime is no picnic…or is it?

When you’ve got a picnic, the whole world’s your restaurant. In the park, chatting with friends and ducking Frisbees; on a rugged hillside, halting that hike for lunch; on the …

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Why we lie about what TV we watch

There are so many amazing new shows that most of us don’t have time to watch all of them, but that doesn’t stop nearly half of us saying we have… …

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Get ‘set’ for great food

Ready… get set… and they’re off…  …with your fact for the day: ‘set’ might have a rubbish scrabble score (just three, unless you land it on a triple word), but …

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