Why mobile phones are changing how we eat

Portable, ‘grab and go’, food is becoming more popular by the minute. But why? Let’s take a look… Leaving behind the lunch hour The way we work nowadays has a …

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Discover the three loneliest jobs in the world

You might think finding good food at your workplace is tough, but that’s nothing compared to working somewhere as remote and inhospitable as the South Pole… The power of food …

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Got any spare change?

Carrying cash is so last century and cashless payment is taking over the world. Our new white paper tracks this phenomenon and explores what’s next.

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How taxis matched technology with convenience

Find out how Uber and Lyft share many characteristics with the convenience of a workplace micromarket.

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Estonia’s highway to success

With an advanced economy and high standard of living, could technology that’s all about convenience be the secret of Estonia’s success?

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Mouthwatering magic and mischievous mistakes

How what happened when JK Rowling made one small mistake in the magically-consistent world of Harry Potter, can teach us a thing or two about human nature.

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A badge of convenience

Convenience means different things to different people. For some, it simply means being able to sit down on public transport… 

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How travel changed forever

Not that long ago, going on holiday meant either staying in a hotel, a B&B, a tent or maybe even renting a villa. Then Airbnb turned up…

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Why you don’t need to get in a flap about office space

Getting on in life and business is all about making the most of your surroundings — as one enterprising bird did by building its nest in an unusual place. Small …

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Keeping your people on track

We might think our working hours push us to the max, but try driving a train across a continent for two nights and three days… So long, nine-to-five The way …

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