Benefits of 24

Why mobile phones are changing how we eat

Portable, ‘grab and go’, food is becoming more popular by the minute. But why? Let’s take a look… Leaving behind the lunch hour The way we work nowadays has a …

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Transform the way you sleep

People need sleep to be productive at work. If the night-time nap doesn’t do it for you, you could try one of these four alternative sleep cycles. Feeling sleepy? You …

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Why there is such a thing as a free lunch

Imagine if you could gain free access to the first-class lounge of an airport for an entire year. Well, meet the man who did more than dream…

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Three simple ways to boost your productivity

Some companies take their teams on free holidays to boost office productivity. But you don’t need to book out a plane to get your team working effectively.

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Fair play to the birds

Turns out birds are smarter than we thought — and they’ve got a few things to teach us about fairness… and food.

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How one Russian general invented clear Coca-Cola

How much do you really love your favourite drink? We’re betting you wouldn’t go as far as this guy to get it…

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No tears before tea

What form of team building would you choose? Watching sad films while someone wipes away your tears, or sharing a coffee and a sandwich…?

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Five ways to stop office stress in its tracks

Work can get a bit hectic, with deadlines looming and the in-tray piling up. But don’t panic — here are five ways to reduce stress and boost productivity.

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Five ways to hold productive meetings

Meetings are an important part of the working day. But you could be doing them all wrong — and costing yourself a ton of dosh…

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How we deliver the foodservice of champions

Some dream of a shot at one Olympic medal. Others win everything they enter — and that’s what we’re hoping to do with the IGD, BIFM and Retail Systems Awards.

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