24 in the workplace

Time to hit refresh

Ninety per cent of your team want to see this in the workplace… Are you offering it? Read on to find out.

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Dam fine work there

Beavers are back — and they’re working wonders for the environment. We explore why that is, and what it means for your workplace. Furry friends of the environment There’s a …

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Discover the three loneliest jobs in the world

You might think finding good food at your workplace is tough, but that’s nothing compared to working somewhere as remote and inhospitable as the South Pole… The power of food …

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Three strange cinema snacks from around the world

In the UK, popcorn is by far the number one cinema snack. But what does everyone else in the world eat while kicking back in front of a film?

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Three reasons why your workplace needs to take a break

Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. Here’s why short breaks are the key to productivity.

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24: mission possible

24 set out to transform the foodservice sector using technology. Here’s our mission report on how micromarkets have proved a great success.

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Why you need to avoid awkward moments in your workplace

Sometimes, good deeds can lead to seriously awkward situations. So be warned, this story about a missing wedding album will make you cringe.

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Competitive eating at its weirdest

Udon know where you stand as a competitive eater until you’ve done the noodle challenge. Discover the eating contest that’s been going for 300 years.

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Meet the man who’s going to make 2017 our biggest year yet

We’re excited to head into 2017 with a new Business Director at the helm. So we sat down with Sachin Sharma to find out what he has in store for …

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Avoid getting stuck in the world’s longest meeting

We’ve all been in meetings that feel like they’ve gone on forever, but what if you found yourself in one that took three years to reach a decision? Making the …

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