Our story

Catering in the workplace used to mean building a full-scale restaurant or installing smaller, manned food counters and vending machines. Now though, these ways of providing meals for your people often can’t keep up with the shifting demands of a 21st century workplace.

We wanted to provide people working in businesses of all sizes, across all industries, a range of food and drink all day, every day. So, in March 2014, we introduced the 24 micromarket.

Offering a wide selection of healthy foods, energising snacks and refreshing drinks, a 24 micromarket provides the fuel and motivation your people need to keep them working productively throughout the day.

We designed our micromarket to be flexible enough to fit most office spaces, allowing plenty of room for your favourite food and drinks without taking up the space of a full-scale workplace restaurant. Plus, we made it work so that the costs to you are practically zero.

As with any good idea, 24 micromarkets have really taken off — in just one year we’ve opened 25 and have another 70 on the way. Maybe yours could be next..? Get in touch to find out how.

And 24 is just one of a family of smart-thinking services. Check out the gang and see if there’s anything else that would help your business.