A sneak peek at the hot food and sweet treats coming to 24

A sneak peek at the hot food and sweet treats coming to 24

A pan cooking on the hob

From hot to cold food, healthy options and sweet treats — 24 has everything your office needs, 24/7. So here’s a sneak peek at our new products to tempt you…

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper

If there’s anything we know from our customers, it’s that they want access to tasty, healthy food and drink, 24/7. In fact, 86 per cent of millennials alone snack throughout their working day!

With modern workplaces open all hours and people working increasingly non-traditional shifts, it’s more important than ever that workers are able to grab a bite to eat, no matter what the time of day.

That’s why, here at 24, we’re always working to expand our product range — giving people the option to grab a cooked breakfast at midnight, a tasty baked treat at 7am and the requisite lunchtime coffee…

Expanding eating options

The new Chop Chop Hot Pot range is one of the most exciting additions to 24 and it’s set to be a game changer for workers around the country.

These ‘hot pot’ meals are all in handy, portable pots, so they can be enjoyed on-the-go — perfect for when you want a nutritious, warming meal in between meetings.

There’s a full selection of ten Chop Chop Hot Pot meals to choose from, meaning you can enjoy options like the ‘Full English’, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Chilli Con Carne or Katsu Chicken Noodles. And along with our new range of freshly baked goods — including sausage rolls and other tasty bakes — there’s always something warm to tempt workers as the colder days of autumn and winter draw in.

What’s more, these new additions offer a range of low-calorie options and provide one of your five-a-day. So they’re a great way to stay healthy and keep your immune system fighting fit — something that helps everyone on the team to be more productive, too.

Old favourites

Of course, as much as we love a new addition, most of us still plum for old favourites. In fact, the latest figures reveal that 63 per cent of consumers consider the classic sandwich to be their favourite lunchtime option.

That’s one of the reasons we’re also introducing a delicious range of fresh bakery items to 24. We know how popular a sweet treat with an afternoon tea or coffee is, not to mention how much more productive people are when there are a few cakes and biscuits on the meeting room table!

So be sure to check out all the delicious new options coming to your 24 this autumn, for a healthier, happier and more productive working day.