November 2016

How one Russian general invented clear Coca-Cola

How much do you really love your favourite drink? We’re betting you wouldn’t go as far as this guy to get it…

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Tasty tech that’ll give your tongue a treat

Treats are called treats because they’re too unhealthy to eat all of the time. But, thanks to tech, that could be about to change…

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A badge of convenience

Convenience means different things to different people. For some, it simply means being able to sit down on public transport… 

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The five worst pet peeves found in every workplace

You know those tiny, irritating things that your colleagues do every day? Here’s how they could be affecting your office productivity more than you think.

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There’s now a computer that can read your mind

Scientists have made a stunning breakthrough with a way to convert brainwaves to text. But can they guess what you want for lunch?

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