May 2016

Why you don’t need to get in a flap about office space

Getting on in life and business is all about making the most of your surroundings — as one enterprising bird did by building its nest in an unusual place. Small …

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Keeping your people on track

We might think our working hours push us to the max, but try driving a train across a continent for two nights and three days… So long, nine-to-five The way …

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The intelligent machines are coming…

Science fiction says artificial intelligence (AI) will be the end of humanity. But the rise of machines makes it easier for you to look after your people. Shhh… the machines …

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Compass Group’s Business and Industry family of services

Find out how working with multiple members of the family can benefit your business by requesting our ‘Welcome to the family’ book.

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Why you want empty chairs in the office

Your people might feel guilty for leaving their desks, but taking a short break every now and then can actually help them win at work. Taking breaks at work doesn’t …

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