May 2015

Life is a rollercoaster

Up and down, side to side, bumping along with the odd thrill along the way… Life is very much like a rollercoaster (just like Ronan Keating always said). Take selling …

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Get ‘set’ for great food

Ready… get set… and they’re off…  …with your fact for the day: ‘set’ might have a rubbish scrabble score (just three, unless you land it on a triple word), but …

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Huff and puff and WOW

Since we were very small we’ve been taught to sneer at the little pig who built a house of straw: ‘what a rubbish idea and what a flimsy material to …

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Cool Runnings Two: the legend of Cliff Young

Ever heard of an ultra-marathon? Well, even if you haven’t, it’s exactly what you’d expect: a marathon and then some. Forget your run-of-the-mill, leisurely 26-mile jog — the ultra-marathon laughs …

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