October 2014

Something that hits the spot

By Anna Rhodes, 24 Guru Working on something like 24 is a really unique opportunity, and being a 24 Guru — as intriguing as that may sound — is a …

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Anybody fancy a cheese straw?

Children’s parties. Staff socials. Community fund-raisers. They’ve all got a few elements in common, but the biggest shared feature is the food. Think about it — the first thing to …

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Get your groove on

The male red-capped manakin. Ring any bells? Probably not. We’ll give you a hint: it’s got feathers. Don’t worry if your ornithological knowledge isn’t quite up to scratch — we’ll …

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Porridge: an oat-standing choice

It’s a fact: a well-fed workforce is happier and more productive than one that’s not properly set up for a day of achieving, smashing goals and granting the customer’s every …

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