What is a 24 micromarket?

24 is a small, self-service store designed for workplaces such as offices, contact centres and distribution centres. Filling the gap between traditional vending and a workplace restaurant, a 24 provides:

  • chilled and heat-to-eat food
  • high-quality coffee
  • a self-checkout system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What 24 can bring to your workplace

PRODUCTIVITY — offering your people food and drink throughout the day, giving them the chance to refresh whenever they need it and helping them to work more effectively.

COLLABORATION — creating a space to harness the power of the ‘water-cooler moment’, boosting your people’s creativity as they come together to share ideas.

CHOICE — providing a flexible way to keep your people well fed, giving an alternative to half-empty vending machines or workplace restaurants that eat up your office space.

“I’m in love with the excellent coffee on offer… it’s fantastic being able to grab a cuppa whenever I want one.”

John Flynn, Cargo Business Manager, dnata.

“They came in and installed the solution with no fuss and no hassle, and now we get great coffee and food whenever we want it. It’s brilliant — everyone is happy!”

Gary Morgan, CEO, dnata.

” With 24’s team organising roadshows and leaflets to let us know what was going on, we had our micromarket before we knew it and a great understanding of how to use it.”

24 user.